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May 2019 Archives

Episiotomy: Necessary or obstetrical malpractice?

Many women in Oregon and beyond have undergone episiotomy surgery during childbirth. However, as in many other health-related areas, such as those involving risks of asbestos exposure, years of experience and scientific studies have provided information and data to help improve patient safety. With regard to cutting a woman's vagina during childbirth, most experts agree that, not only is it unnecessary, it is a health risk to the mother and may lead to obstetrical malpractice in some cases.

Parents agree to settle birth injury case

In Oregon and beyond, mothers rely on their medical teams to help keep themselves and their babies safe during labor and delivery. If a baby suffers a birth injury, an investigation is typically conducted to determine whether a licensed medical care provider was negligent. The parents of a brain-injured infant in another state filed a lawsuit after their child was born with a dangerously low heartbeat.

Oregon patients at risk for wrong-site surgical errors

When someone in Oregon undergoes surgery, his or her care is entrusted to the surgeon and medical team. Negligence of any kind can have disastrous results. Sadly, wrong-site surgical errors are a significant concern throughout the country. When a person is admitted to a hospital for surgery, he or she has the right to reasonably expect the attending medical team to adhere to accepted safety standards and regulations.

Was your condition made worse due to nursing negligence?

There are many highly skilled, experienced and excellent nurses in Oregon. Sadly, however, nursing negligence exists in this state, as it does in others. When a licensed nurse cuts corners or disregards regulations to save time, patients and their families are often the ones to suffer because of it. This is why patients do well to be as proactive as possible regarding their own health care.

Suit claims delivery errors led to hysterectomy, baby's death

One of the most wonderfully exciting yet absolutely terrifying times of a woman's life is pregnancy. The level of both excitement and fear escalate when it is finally time for delivery. Although amazing medical procedures are performed every day in Oregon and across the globe, there are still significant risks and frequent complications when it comes to childbirth. One woman learned just how true that is when she went to the hospital to deliver her full-term baby boy. The medical malpractice lawsuit she has filed claims that delivery errors caused her to end up in intensive care, have a hysterectomy and lose her son.