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Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers

The law firm of Sokol & Associates, P.C. vigorously pursues personal injury cases against drunk drivers. After an accident involving a drunk driver, we seek all compensation necessary for your injuries, medical bills and lost wages.

A drunk driver car accident can radically affect your life. We will help you put your life together after an accident by handling all aspects of your accident recovery.

Call 503-575-9683 to set up a free consultation with an injury attorney at our law firm. We serve victims statewide throughout Oregon from our Lake Oswego law office.

Knowledgeable DUI Accident Guidance After Being Hit By A Drunk Driver

Whether you suspect the other driver was under the influence or the other driver tested over the alcohol limit, we can help. We investigate the accident and will use police reports, eyewitness recollections and accident reconstructionists to put together your injury claim.

Even if the police were not called to the scene of the accident because the car crash was in a parking lot or there was not enough damage, you may still have a strong case. We can use your account of the accident to show that the other driver was stumbling, smelled of alcohol or acted oddly at the scene.

We are not afraid of tough cases and are willing to take these cases to trial if it is necessary to get you the compensation you deserve.

Fighting For Accident Victims’ Rights For More Than 40 Years

People suffering serious injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and paralysis, benefit from a lawyer who knows medical terminology. We practice in both fields of medical malpractice and personal injury so we can handle the complexities of serious and catastrophic injuries after a drunk driving accident. We also handle wrongful death cases if your loved one was killed by a drunk driver.

We use our 40 years of experience to fight for victims’ rights. Injury victims receive courteous and knowledgeable legal guidance when they turn to Sokol & . To schedule your free consultation to discuss your drunk driving accident, call 503-575-9683 today or contact us online.