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Portland Lawyers For Victims Of Medication Errors In Hospitals

Medication errors cause approximately 7,000 deaths every year in the U.S. In fact, it is estimated that doctors and pharmacists make medication and prescription errors more than one million times each year. Medication errors in hospitals account for a large percentage of overall medication errors, in large part due to hospitals’ failure to upgrade their technology.

Are You The Victim Of A Medication Error? We Can Help.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one to a medication error, you may be able to bring a malpractice claim against the medical professional(s) and medical institution that caused you harm. Do not hesitate to speak with an experienced Portland medical negligence lawyer at Sokol & Associates, P.C., by calling 503-575-9683 or sending an email. We represent clients throughout Oregon and Washington.

Medication And Prescription Error Claims In Oregon

Many medication errors are obvious. Your prescription said one thing, but your doctor or pharmacist gave you something else. Yet, the error itself may not be detected until you or your loved one has suffered serious injuries from poisoning, heart failure, damage to internal organs or even death. It is often impossible to reverse the damage done by a doctor who wrote “10 mg” when he meant “1 mg.”

Medication errors can be caused by a wide range of negligence such as:

  • Prescribing the wrong drug
  • Improper dose, including over-prescribing or underprescribing a drug
  • Improperly administrating a drug
  • Filling the wrong prescription
  • Giving drugs to the wrong patient

Whatever mistake your medical professional made, our attorneys will get to the bottom of it. We have the resources it takes to launch a thorough investigation and develop evidence of the error as well as the extent of your injuries. We use that evidence to negotiate for the best medical malpractice settlement offer possible. When the insurance companies bite back, we are not afraid to take them to court.

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