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Should I Accept An Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer?

Insurance companies often make settlement offers to resolve personal injury cases resulting from auto accidents. However, accepting the settlement may not be in your best interests.

At the law firm of Sokol & Associates, P.C., in Portland, our attorneys offer a free initial consultation to review your auto accident settlement offer and let you know if it is fair. We serve clients throughout Oregon.

When Should I Settle My Case?

As a general rule, you should not settle your case until you have completed your medical treatment. Only then will you know how the injury will affect you in the future. You may require surgery or have ongoing medical needs. The injury could affect your ability to work or live your life. If you settle your case too soon, you may not receive enough money to meet your needs.

Can I File An Additional Claim In The Future If My Injuries Turn Out To Be More Serious?

Unfortunately, no. You only have one chance to recover compensation for everything you have lost. Once you settle your case, it’s over.

How Can I Pay My Bills If I Don’t Settle My Case?

Unfortunately, the insurance company will not pay your bills until your case is resolved through settlement or verdict. Insurance companies often make low-ball offers based on the hope that you will be desperate enough to accept it. Our lawyers can help you explore other options.

What If The Insurance Company Offered Me A Fair Amount?

If the insurance company offered you a fair amount, we’ll advise you to accept it. You will not be obligated to pay us anything.

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