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October 2018 Archives

Settlement ends medical negligence trial early

Doctors in Oregon and across the entire country have a tremendous amount of responsibility. They must have thorough knowledge of a vast variety of ailments, medicines and body systems. They must be meticulous in their diagnosis, treatment, communication and record-keeping. If any one of these items is neglected in any way someone's health can be compromised and the doctors may be held financially accountable. That is what happened to a doctor in another state who found himself accused of medical negligence in a wrongful death case.

Doctor accused of medical malpractice after two mistakes

There is an elevated level of respect that people tend to have for doctors in Oregon and across the country. Many view doctors as highly intelligent, professional and extremely competent. They are placed on a pedestal perhaps because their existence is so crucial, and people like to think of the ones they entrust with their very lives as somehow superhuman and incapable of mistakes. It is almost inconceivable that a doctor could make a huge mistake not only once, but twice. That is unfortunately the situation with a doctor in another state who faces medical malpractice accusations stemming from a mistake he made two different times with one patient.

Nursing errors can cause catastrophic post-op injury

Surgeons are a very skilled group of professionals. People trust them to literally have their well-being, and even their lives, in their hands in Oregon. Some surgical procedures are more delicate than others. Surgery involving the eyes can be particularly delicate, and the success of the surgery is frequently somewhat dependent on post-op nursing care. Failure to adequately administer post-op care can result in nursing errors.

Failure to diagnose glaucoma during pregnancy results in lawsuit

The birth of a child is an eagerly awaited event in the life of a woman in Oregon. The anticipation and excitement of meeting one's child, looking into his or her eyes for the first time, has no equal. To experience that first meeting and then to lose most of one's eyesight is a horrible fate to contemplate. A woman who lost most of her sight following the birth of her child has brought a suit against the hospital where she delivered her baby for a failure to diagnose a serious problem with her eyes.

Medical malpractice possible cause of cerebral palsy

The birth of a child is an eagerly awaited event in a family's life. When a child is born prematurely, complications can arise in Oregon hospitals. In a case in Michigan, a family sued the hospital where their son was born. The boy was born prematurely but had been diagnosed with kidney complications while still in utero. The jury in the case awarded the family $130 million in damages in the medical malpractice suit.