3 situations that could lead to wrongful death lawsuits in Oregon

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People typically want to enjoy as much time as possible with their close family members. Unfortunately, circumstances outside people’s control can lead to an unexpectedly early loss. The law in Oregon permits those left behind after a tragic premature death to sometimes seek compensation via a wrongful death lawsuit.

Both negligence and wrongful conduct can justify a wrongful death lawsuit against an individual or a business. It can be difficult for those who want to lay the blame for their loss at someone else’s feet to appropriately evaluate a situation to see if litigation is an option. The three scenarios below are among the most common reasons for wrongful death lawsuits in Oregon.

Violent criminal activity

An assault or burglary could potentially lead to a tragic outcome. A single punch to the head could be enough to cause a traumatic brain injury that might eventually lead to someone dying. Incidents involving weapons and arson can also lead to premature mortality. Families can sometimes take legal action when a criminal incident is the underlying cause of a loved one’s death.

Major car crashes

Drivers can cause fatal crashes through a variety of bad choices. Sometimes, people exceed the speed limit, run red lights or text while driving. Drunk driving is another leading cause of fatal collisions. Both the failure to do what is necessary and appropriate in traffic and overt violations of traffic law could potentially lead to a wrongful death lawsuit brought against the driver at fault for the crash.

Medical malpractice

Doctors can be negligent, just like any individual person. They might fail to monitor someone’s status while taking medication or recommend a medication that has a deadly interaction with another drug they previously prescribed. Surgical errors are also sometimes fatal. Families can pursue wrongful death lawsuits when doctors or other medical professionals are to blame for the tragic death of a family member.

Other scenarios that may lead to wrongful death lawsuits in Oregon include product defects and dangerous property conditions. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit can give people closure and provide compensation for the losses related to someone’s death. Those who know the law can recognize when taking legal action could be an option after a tragedy.