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January 2019 Archives

Woman claims surgical errors caused bladder damage

Many people in Oregon and elsewhere have a fear of going to see a doctor. Some have irrational worries about needles or pain while others simply worry about what diagnosis they will receive. Most view doctors as a necessity of life and put their trust in doctors' abilities to help, while some still insist that seeing a doctor will only add to their lists of problems. One woman in another state can claim this to be true in her case after she suffered bladder damage from surgical errors during a laparoscopic procedure.

More than a dozen vets file medical malpractice against VA doctor

Lifetime medical care is one of the benefits the veterans who have defended this country are entitled to due to their service. Each state, including Oregon, has numerous VA hospitals. One would hope that the medical care offered to veterans at these facilities is of the highest quality; however, sometimes it is not. More than a hundred veterans that visited a VA hospital in another state have been notified that they were the victims of medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice filed after child dies from dental procedure

Children in Oregon and across the world are told every day that there is no reason to be scared of the dentist, and most of the time this is true. Normally, dental visits are some of the safest, least invasive medical procedures performed. Like any other medical field of practice, however, it is not without its risks, especially when anesthesia is involved. A family in another state has filed a medical malpractice claim after a 2-year-old child died following a dental procedure that may not have even been necessary.

Medical negligence: Doctor used own sperm for insemination

Infertility is a frustrating, heart-wrenching reality for many couples in Oregon and across the country. The desire to have a child, and the inability to achieve that dream, is one of the hardest challenges many people face. When there's nowhere left to turn, many couples put their dreams in the hands of fertility doctors with the hope and trust that the doctor will carefully and compassionately work to help them achieve their dream of becoming parents. One doctor apparently betrayed that trust and is being sued for medical negligence for taking advantage of a couple desperate to have a child of their own.