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May 2018 Archives

Nursing negligence can be a reality in nursing homes

Caring for elderly parents in Oregon can be a very difficult situation. Typically, one's parents are aging at the same time children are growing up. Children and aging parents end up needing more attention at the same time. Frequently, the situation is too much to handle. A nursing home may become the best solution but sadly nursing negligence does happen.

If only crystal balls could prevent medical malpractice

As people age, concern for physical and mental well-being may increase. One of the most debilitating medical issues that can befall an older person in Oregon is a stroke. While not all strokes are debilitating, a minor stroke can be a warning sign that a more serious stroke may occur. Such may have been the case in a current medical malpractice case.

Medical malpractice and compensation for a procedure gone wrong

When a person goes to a doctor for a procedure in Oregon, be it cosmetic or otherwise, he or she expects to receive the treatment prescribed. Such was not the case for a doctor who visited a neurology center. The doctor went there for what she described as a cosmetic procedure. What actually happened resulted in a medical malpractice case for which the woman is seeking compensation.

False positives in cancer misdiagnosis

There are few things scarier than a person being told that he or she may have cancer. When a checkup results in additional testing to confirm or refute the diagnosis, the wait for results can be agonizing. When test results confirm the diagnosis, a person's fight to beat the cancer begins. But what if the test result is a false positive? A cancer misdiagnosis in Oregon can result in a tragic outcome.