Nursing negligence can be a reality in nursing homes

On Behalf of | May 29, 2018 | Nursing Negligence |

Caring for elderly parents in Oregon can be a very difficult situation. Typically, one’s parents are aging at the same time children are growing up. Children and aging parents end up needing more attention at the same time. Frequently, the situation is too much to handle. A nursing home may become the best solution but sadly nursing negligence does happen.

While many nursing homes may be very good and provide excellent care, there are exceptions. Additionally, even excellent nursing homes can have things go wrong. A recent case involved the care of an elderly gentleman.

The gentleman complained to his daughter that he was receiving poor care, but she believed he was simply looking to get out of the nursing home where he had been admitted following a stroke. The daughter secretly videotaped her father. At one point, he fell out of bed. One nurse came into his room an hour after the gentleman had called for help but refused to assist him. Another hour passed before a different nurse came into the room and helped him back into bed but told him he would not be helped if he fell again.

When an aging parent needs to go to a nursing home in Oregon for a long or short period of time, the person’s family wants to believe that the parent is being well cared for. In the event that a person believes nursing negligence may have occurred, he or she may benefit from having a confidential conversation with an experienced medical malpractice attorney. An attorney familiar with nursing home situations may be able to help determine if there is a valid claim and what is the best legal path to pursue.

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