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July 2019 Archives

Woman accuses facility of nursing negligence and fraud

Adult children in Oregon often help their aging parents take care of their affairs regarding medical care, financial matters or nursing home issues. Especially in situations where a person who needs living assistance is not of sound mind, the individual may rely on a son or daughter to make sure nursing staff is providing high quality care. If a problem arises, it is often the adult child of a patient who notices something is not right, then investigates to see whether nursing negligence has occurred.

Failure to diagnose, No. 1 medical malpractice issue

Visiting an Oregon doctor's office or hospital is often the first logical step to take when adverse health symptoms arise. It is reasonable to expect that a licensed physician can provide guidance and support regarding ill-health or injury. However, things do not always go as one might hope, which is made evident by the fact that failure to diagnose is one of the top reasons for medical malpractice litigation.

Labor and delivery should not result in birth injury

Any Oregon woman who has ever given birth understands how simultaneously exciting, joyous and worrisome the process can be. After approximately nine months of pregnancy that are undoubtedly not without challenge, an expectant mother likely views labor and delivery as a welcomed final step in her journey. Sadly, however, not all journeys end happily, especially when a birth injury occurs.

Will new technology help prevent medical negligence?

There are many amenities in the modern world that make life more convenient and easy than it used to be. Advanced technology allows Oregon residents and others to shop online, talk to loved ones who live on another continent or even launch a business from their very own home. Voice assistant technology gets rave reviews for many reasons, one of which is that it may help prevent medical negligence.