Labor and delivery should not result in birth injury

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Birth Injuries |

Any Oregon woman who has ever given birth understands how simultaneously exciting, joyous and worrisome the process can be. After approximately nine months of pregnancy that are undoubtedly not without challenge, an expectant mother likely views labor and delivery as a welcomed final step in her journey. Sadly, however, not all journeys end happily, especially when a birth injury occurs.

The problem is that many birth injuries are easily preventable and are caused by medical negligence. A mother in labor has enough to worry about without having to police the medical staff; after all, it is not her responsibility. There are stringent medical protocols and safety standards that govern the behavior of doctors, nurses, scrub technicians and others who assist pregnant women during labor and delivery.

You have a right to reasonably expect that your obstetrician and other medical team members will provide high quality care. There’s a big difference between a procedure that includes an inherent risk that your doctor informs you of ahead of time and an incident that occurs because someone didn’t do his or her job right. The latter is completely unacceptable and causes many infants and women to suffer serious injuries or, in worst cases, death.

If you believe your child suffered a birth injury because of substandard medical care, you may have a strong desire to seek justice on your son’s or daughter’s behalf. At Sokol & Foster, P.C., an experienced legal team is committed to providing guidance and support to families whose lives have been devastated by medical malpractice. You may request a review of your case by scheduling a consultation through our Oregon office.