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June 2019 Archives

Oregon patients at risk: Surgical errors and other issues

When preparing for surgery, it is typical to meet with an Oregon surgeon, private physician and other members of the medical team ahead of time. During such meetings, the procedure itself might be discussed, as well as other issues, including post-op recovery, medications that might be recommended and rate of success regarding a particular operation. Proactive patients may also want to talk about surgical errors -- in particular, how to avoid them.

US Senate issues nursing negligence report

Many Oregon residents are currently living in nursing homes. Full-assistance service is a valuable commodity for elders who can no longer function independently, and also for many people who are perhaps recovering from automobile accidents or surgeries and are unable to take care of themselves but not able to stay in the hospital. Regardless of what issues have prompted a particular person to wind up in a nursing facility, he or she should never have to be worried about nursing negligence; however, data shows it is a serious concern in this state and throughout the country.

Never events: Surgical errors that should never happen

When an Oregon medical patient is scheduled for surgery, he or she typically understands that all surgical procedures involve a certain amount of personal injury risk. However, every patient has the right to reasonably expect that surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, practitioners and other licensed care providers will act according to accepted safety standards and protocol during pre-surgery treatment, throughout an operation and during post-operative care. Sadly, surgical errors often occur, which can leave patients in worse condition after their operations than they were before.

Nursing negligence: Former aide who pleaded guilty now free

Many adult children in Oregon are concerned about aging parents who live in nursing homes. Some of them may have reason to suspect that nursing negligence is occurring or that their loved ones are being abused by nursing home aides. Some years back, the son of a woman who was a patient in a nursing home suspected his mother was being abused after finding bruises on her body.