Woman claims surgical errors caused bladder damage

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2019 | Surgical Errors |

Many people in Oregon and elsewhere have a fear of going to see a doctor. Some have irrational worries about needles or pain while others simply worry about what diagnosis they will receive. Most view doctors as a necessity of life and put their trust in doctors’ abilities to help, while some still insist that seeing a doctor will only add to their lists of problems. One woman in another state can claim this to be true in her case after she suffered bladder damage from surgical errors during a laparoscopic procedure.

A woman was admitted to a hospital after complaining of severe pelvic pain. The doctor was to perform a diagnostic laparoscopy to determine the cause of her problem. During the procedure the doctor discovered she had adhesions and endometriosis, so she performed lysis of adhesions and cauterization of endometrial tissue. The procedure included removing a bladder adhesion.

During the procedure the woman claims her bladder was severely damaged. The medical staff reportedly filled her bladder at twice the rate the doctor ordered, causing it to overinflate and become damaged. She claims the engorged bladder leaked urine into her body causing secondary problems, including infection, pain and tissue damage. The bladder was also lacerated.

As a result of the procedure, the woman claims she had severe pain, trouble urinating, nausea and other damage that required additional surgeries. She alleges as a result of the doctor’s surgical errors she will never be able to give birth again and has suffered disfigurement, loss of sexual ability and emotional trauma. She says the bladder operation should have never taken place as she had not agreed to it, she had not complained of urinary problems and she was at an increased risk of complications due to a prior medical condition.

The woman filed a medical malpractice claim against the doctor and the facility. She maintains she suffered extensive trauma, both physical and emotional. With the help of an experienced attorney familiar with Oregon medical malpractice law, victims of surgical errors can file a claim to pursue recovery of monetary compensation for damages they already suffered as well as future expenses they will incur due to their injuries.