Doctor accused of medical malpractice after two mistakes

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There is an elevated level of respect that people tend to have for doctors in Oregon and across the country. Many view doctors as highly intelligent, professional and extremely competent. They are placed on a pedestal perhaps because their existence is so crucial, and people like to think of the ones they entrust with their very lives as somehow superhuman and incapable of mistakes. It is almost inconceivable that a doctor could make a huge mistake not only once, but twice. That is unfortunately the situation with a doctor in another state who faces medical malpractice accusations stemming from a mistake he made two different times with one patient.

Removing polyps from patients’ colons is a quite common procedure for gastroenterologists. The defendant in this case, a gastroenterologist, had attempted to remove a polyp twice from the colon of a female patient. The first procedure was performed in 2013 and the second in 2016. On both occasions, the doctor had reportedly failed to completely remove the polyp.

In a third procedure performed in February of 2018, the doctor found that an ulcerated mass had grown in the same location where the polyps had been before. Testing was performed, which confirmed that the growth was cancerous. The patient sought a second opinion, and a second doctor confirmed the diagnosis and revealed that the cancer had spread to various locations in her body, including her liver. The cancer was too widespread, and the woman passed away in May.

The gastroenterologist has now been accused of medical malpractice. The complaints against him include failing to provide acceptable care, not discussing the need for surgery with the patient and, ultimately, wrongful death. The family of the victim is seeking $4 million in compensation.

Medical malpractice is far too common an occurrence in Oregon and elsewhere. Victims or family members that believe their doctor is not performing at an acceptable standard of care can benefit from a consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss their options. A knowledgeable attorney that specializes in medical malpractice cases can guide the victim or family members in the right path to seeking compensation for the losses they have suffered.