Failure to diagnose glaucoma during pregnancy results in lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2018 | Failure to Diagnose |

The birth of a child is an eagerly awaited event in the life of a woman in Oregon. The anticipation and excitement of meeting one’s child, looking into his or her eyes for the first time, has no equal. To experience that first meeting and then to lose most of one’s eyesight is a horrible fate to contemplate. A woman who lost most of her sight following the birth of her child has brought a suit against the hospital where she delivered her baby for a failure to diagnose a serious problem with her eyes.

During pre-natal visits, the New York woman complained that her vision was blurry and that she felt pressure around her eyes. The woman claims that the doctors disregarded her concerns. A further examination revealed that the woman was suffering from early glaucoma symptoms. She did eventually undergo surgery but ended up losing 90 percent of her vision.

The woman filed a civil suit against the hospital where she delivered her child. The suit claims that all the focus was on the woman’s pregnancy and the staff never took her complaints about her eyes seriously. A jury recently awarded the woman $15 million.

Pregnancy can be a contributing factor to other health issues. The overall health and well-being of mother and baby should be a hospital’s primary focus. A person in Oregon who believes one may have suffered a complication brought on by a pregnancy may wish to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. A failure to diagnose a serious condition can have dangerous ramifications. A lawyer can review a person’s situation and may be able to assist one in determining if a civil suit is a viable option.