Suit claims delivery errors led to hysterectomy, baby’s death

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Birth Injuries |

One of the most wonderfully exciting yet absolutely terrifying times of a woman’s life is pregnancy. The level of both excitement and fear escalate when it is finally time for delivery. Although amazing medical procedures are performed every day in Oregon and across the globe, there are still significant risks and frequent complications when it comes to childbirth. One woman learned just how true that is when she went to the hospital to deliver her full-term baby boy. The medical malpractice lawsuit she has filed claims that delivery errors caused her to end up in intensive care, have a hysterectomy and lose her son.

On the day of the 25-year-old woman’s scheduled induction, she showed signs of possible complications, including a fever and high blood pressure. She was allowed to labor without being given prescribed antibiotics until her son was delivered that evening. The child had a low heart rate, and despite lengthy attempts to save him, he passed away. It was determined that there was a bacterial infection in the womb as well as a problem with the umbilical cord. The mother also developed complications, including septic shock and blood clots, and ended up having a total hysterectomy.

The woman and her husband filed a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit against her doctor. They claim that proper care could have saved the child’s life and improved her condition as well. According to the suit, the doctor failed to notice and respond correctly to signs of complications with his heart rate. She also failed to speed up the delivery or perform a cesarean section when signs of distress emerged. Additionally, the needed antibiotics were not given until the woman’s condition was allowed to worsen.

A successful childbirth is one of the happiest times of a woman’s life, but when complications arise it can quickly become one of the most devastating. Obstetricians must be vigilant about monitoring the health of both mother and baby and be ready to respond instantly to any signs of distress. When the baby or mother suffers serious injuries due to delivery errors or carelessness of a medical provider, a experienced attorney can assist in filing a medical malpractice claim that can help the victims pursue recovery of financial compensation for the damages they sustained, as allowed under Oregon law.