Oregon patients at risk for wrong-site surgical errors

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Surgical Errors |

When someone in Oregon undergoes surgery, his or her care is entrusted to the surgeon and medical team. Negligence of any kind can have disastrous results. Sadly, wrong-site surgical errors are a significant concern throughout the country. When a person is admitted to a hospital for surgery, he or she has the right to reasonably expect the attending medical team to adhere to accepted safety standards and regulations.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit against an ophthalmologist who performed surgery on her eye. She also named an anesthesiologist and the facility where the surgeon was employed as defendants in her claim. She says her surgery was performed on the wrong eye.

Damages did not stop there, according to the woman’s claim. She also alleges that the surgeon later came to her recovery room, told her of his error, then used unsterilized surgical instruments to perform the intended surgery on the correct eye, but without anesthesia. The woman claims she told the surgeon to stop but that he did not do so. Because she now suffers from severe headaches, double vision and other problems, including emotional trauma, she is seeking $50,000 or more in monetary damages.

The woman said her main reason for filing a lawsuit is to prevent similar surgical errors in the future for others. In Oregon, anyone interested in filing a medical malpractice claim may request a meeting with an experienced personal injury attorney. The task of substantiating a malpractice claim in court can be quite challenging, which is why it pays to hire an experienced attorney to act on one’s behalf.