Mother awarded $7 million after daughter suffers birth injury

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Parents in Oregon understandably want the best care available for their children. From birth to adulthood, the lives of children can be greatly impacted by the level of health care they receive as they continue to grow and develop. Arguably, the most delicate time in any life is the moment of birth. Any mistake made during this crucial time may result in a birth injury that can have life-long effects on the child.

In another state, a mother was recently awarded $7 million from a lawsuit that was filed after birth injuries caused permanent brain damage in her daughter. It was claimed that, during pregnancy, the mother was admitted to the hospital after a membrane rupture. Her daughter was delivered a short time later, the lawsuit said.

After the birth, the infant was not breathing properly. According to the claim, the infant was eventually transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit after at least six periods of apnea and remained there for almost a month. The mother claimed that her child now suffers permanent brain damage because the hospital staff failed to intubate the infant in a timely manner. The lawsuit resulted in $7 million awarded to the mother for the negligence during her daughter’s birth.

The birth of a child is a wonderful and joyous time in the lives of parents. Unfortunately, a birth injury can quickly turn this wonderful moment into a tragedy. Parents in Oregon who have been affected by negligence during the birthing process have the option to take legal action. A successful lawsuit can result in a substantial monetary award to help families through present and future suffering.

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