Incorrect use of robotic system results in surgical errors

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Surgical Errors |

Amazing technological advancements in the field of health care in recent years have made surgeries safer than ever before. Surgeries are even being performed by robotic systems these days. However, there is still a great deal of risk involved with any surgical procedure. In Oregon, patients have access to some of the greatest medical care found anywhere in the world. Despite world-renowned health care technology, surgical errors continue to occur.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit after her doctor allegedly used a robotic surgery system incorrectly. Supposedly, the woman was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy. It is alleged that the woman’s physician used a robotic surgical system to perform the surgery, even though the plaintiff had several risk factors that should have prevented the use of the robotic system.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff weighed around 300 pounds when she was seen by the physician and had previously undergone surgery for obesity. Despite these factors, the doctor allegedly chose to use the robotic system anyway. The woman claims that this experience caused her physical impairment as well as mental anguish, and she holds the defendant responsible for failing to choose the appropriate procedure for her surgery. She seeks damages for her anguish, lost wages and medical expenses.

Statistically, modern technology used to aid surgeons, such as robotic surgery systems, have made procedures much safer. Unfortunately, when humans are involved, the chance for mistakes will always be present. Those in Oregon that have suffered injury due to surgical errors could benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable attorney. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in damages to help with lost wages and medical expenses.

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