Helping Victims of Public Transportation Accidents in Portland

Portland residents are big users of public transportation, which helps reduce traffic congestion as well as pollution. Unfortunately, there are numerous accidents involving city buses and Portland's light rail system.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving public transportation, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, just as with other personal injury accidents that are caused by someone else's negligence. This is true if you are a passenger on a city bus or train, or if you are struck by a city bus or train while walking, biking or riding in another vehicle.

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Were You Injured by a TriMet Bus, MAX Light Rail Train, WES Commuter Rail or Portland Streetcar?

It is important to retain the services of a law firm that has experience handling personal injury cases involving municipal entities. The time frame for filing a government tort is shorter than that of personal injury cases involving private parties, and there are special forms to fill out as well.

The personal injury attorneys at Sokol & Foster, P.C., have successfully represented numerous individuals over the years in personal injury cases involving:

  • City buses
  • Light rail trains
  • Taxis
  • Trolleys and other commercially operated transportation

In fact, our firm has taken on and won cases that were turned down by other law firms.

Personal injury cases involving municipal entities must adhere to strict statutes of limitations that restrict the amount of time available to file a lawsuit. Even if you are uncertain whether you want to pursue a lawsuit to recover damages, it may be wise to have us file a claim in order to meet a required deadline.

These cases frequently have multiple parties that can be named in a personal injury lawsuit. For example, some accidents are caused by a combination of driver error and maintenance problems. We will investigate the unique aspects of your case in order to assure that we pursue all responsible parties to obtain the maximum amount possible.

Get Advice From a Clackamas County Bus Accident Attorney

It is important to contact our Oregon office as soon as possible after your accident. We will investigate the accident scene for information and details that are not included in reports. We will speak with as many witnesses as possible and inspect the equipment that was involved in the accident. We work closely with highly regarded civil and mechanical engineers who can testify on the maintenance and safety of the equipment in use.

Do not risk the outcome of your personal injury case by using a lawyer who is not experienced in cases involving public transportation. Our Portland public transportation injury attorneys will review the unique facts of your case and recommend the best steps to take. Call 503-575-9683 or email us to schedule a free consultation.