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Oregon patients at risk: Surgical errors and other issues

When preparing for surgery, it is typical to meet with an Oregon surgeon, private physician and other members of the medical team ahead of time. During such meetings, the procedure itself might be discussed, as well as other issues, including post-op recovery, medications that might be recommended and rate of success regarding a particular operation. Proactive patients may also want to talk about surgical errors -- in particular, how to avoid them.

Never events: Surgical errors that should never happen

When an Oregon medical patient is scheduled for surgery, he or she typically understands that all surgical procedures involve a certain amount of personal injury risk. However, every patient has the right to reasonably expect that surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, practitioners and other licensed care providers will act according to accepted safety standards and protocol during pre-surgery treatment, throughout an operation and during post-operative care. Sadly, surgical errors often occur, which can leave patients in worse condition after their operations than they were before.

Oregon patients at risk for wrong-site surgical errors

When someone in Oregon undergoes surgery, his or her care is entrusted to the surgeon and medical team. Negligence of any kind can have disastrous results. Sadly, wrong-site surgical errors are a significant concern throughout the country. When a person is admitted to a hospital for surgery, he or she has the right to reasonably expect the attending medical team to adhere to accepted safety standards and regulations.

Preventing surgical errors in Oregon

When people go to the hospital for an operation, they trust the surgeons and staff will treat the matter with the utmost professionalism and that everything will go according to plan. However, this does not always happen. Unfortunately, 32 patients lost their lives last year as the result of preventable surgical errors. Although this number is actually a decrease from the number of patients who died as a result of medical errors in years past, the Oregon Patient Safety Commission is working hard to reduce that number even more.

Woman claims surgical errors caused bladder damage

Many people in Oregon and elsewhere have a fear of going to see a doctor. Some have irrational worries about needles or pain while others simply worry about what diagnosis they will receive. Most view doctors as a necessity of life and put their trust in doctors' abilities to help, while some still insist that seeing a doctor will only add to their lists of problems. One woman in another state can claim this to be true in her case after she suffered bladder damage from surgical errors during a laparoscopic procedure.

Surgical errors lead to woman's death following colon surgery

Colon polyps are a very common diagnosis for adults. Most of the time, they are benign growths and are usually removed during a colonoscopy. Sometimes, however, they have to be removed surgically. Although polyp removal is a very common surgery in Oregon, as with any surgical procedure, there are risks. A woman in another state died after surgical errors during a polyp removal procedure.

Surgical errors result in removal of woman's healthy kidney

Surgery comes with a significant amount of danger. Regardless of what part of the body the surgery is being performed on and how simple or routine the surgery is, there are always underlying risks. The patient may respond negatively to medication, the condition could be different from what is expected or the surgeon may make a mistake. Most Oregon patients feel their surgeons are knowledgeable and competent and wouldn't make a horrible mistake like removing the wrong body part, but surgical errors do happen. A woman in another state learned this firsthand when a surgeon mistakenly removed her kidney during back surgery.

Medical malpractice and compensation for a procedure gone wrong

When a person goes to a doctor for a procedure in Oregon, be it cosmetic or otherwise, he or she expects to receive the treatment prescribed. Such was not the case for a doctor who visited a neurology center. The doctor went there for what she described as a cosmetic procedure. What actually happened resulted in a medical malpractice case for which the woman is seeking compensation.

Incorrect use of robotic system results in surgical errors

Amazing technological advancements in the field of health care in recent years have made surgeries safer than ever before. Surgeries are even being performed by robotic systems these days. However, there is still a great deal of risk involved with any surgical procedure. In Oregon, patients have access to some of the greatest medical care found anywhere in the world. Despite world-renowned health care technology, surgical errors continue to occur.

Surgical errors happen despite advancements in medical technology

Surgery in Oregon and across the country is safer than ever before with the advanced technology available in today's world of health care. Even though great technological strides have been made in the medical field, doctors and surgeons are human and surgical errors can still occur. Surprisingly, it is not unheard of for surgical tools to be left inside patients after a surgery. This is allegedly what happened to a woman in another state and she has filed a lawsuit.