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Failure to diagnose, No. 1 medical malpractice issue

Visiting an Oregon doctor's office or hospital is often the first logical step to take when adverse health symptoms arise. It is reasonable to expect that a licensed physician can provide guidance and support regarding ill-health or injury. However, things do not always go as one might hope, which is made evident by the fact that failure to diagnose is one of the top reasons for medical malpractice litigation.

Paralyzed man seeking $50 million for failure to diagnose

One of the scariest things imaginable is to suddenly, without warning, become completely paralyzed. To abruptly fine oneself alone and unable to move with no idea what the problem is would be terrifying for anyone young or old, male or female, in Oregon or elsewhere. A man had that very thing happen to him one day a number of months ago, and now he is suing a hospital and two doctors for their failure to diagnose an abscess that led to his paralysis.

Soldier suing government for failure to diagnose cancer

After being shot in the chest by a sniper's bullet in 2004, one would think that the soldier had experienced the worst lung-related injury he would ever have to endure. Unfortunately for one Green Beret, that was not the case. He recovered from his war wound, and 13 years later began his real struggle to breathe. This Army sergeant, who nearly lost his life on the battle field fighting for the freedom of the citizens of Oregon and the rest of the country, is going to instead lose his life to cancer. Before it takes his last breath away, he is suing the government for the military physician's failure to diagnose cancer until it was too late to save his life.

Failure to diagnose glaucoma during pregnancy results in lawsuit

The birth of a child is an eagerly awaited event in the life of a woman in Oregon. The anticipation and excitement of meeting one's child, looking into his or her eyes for the first time, has no equal. To experience that first meeting and then to lose most of one's eyesight is a horrible fate to contemplate. A woman who lost most of her sight following the birth of her child has brought a suit against the hospital where she delivered her baby for a failure to diagnose a serious problem with her eyes.

Failure to diagnose often results in medical malpractice

When people in Oregon visit their doctor with a medical complaint, they trust that the doctor will use his or her expertise to diagnose the situation or, if the condition surpasses the doctor's expertise, refer the patient to a specialist. Occasionally, a doctor will misdiagnose a condition. This can lead to a malpractice suit because of a failure to diagnose.

Failure to diagnose injuries can result in lethal complications

One of the most painful injuries many children remember from childhood is the injury suffered when a finger was slammed in a car door. While the pain was excruciating and not forgotten, most recovered quickly and went on to other adventures unscathed. For one Oregon woman, the injury had a tragic outcome that resulted in a case of medical negligence as a result of multiple doctors' failure to diagnose complications from a simple injury.

Failure to diagnose cancer in its early stages can be devastating

Cancer is a horrible disease. While survival rates have increased and it's not the death sentence it once was, the diagnosis can still be devastating. Some cancers are unique to women. The symptoms of these cancers can present as appearing to be something else, particularly if other conditions that commonly present with the cancer are not present. In Oregon and across the country, failure to diagnose in the case of cancer can be devastating.

False positives in cancer misdiagnosis

There are few things scarier than a person being told that he or she may have cancer. When a checkup results in additional testing to confirm or refute the diagnosis, the wait for results can be agonizing. When test results confirm the diagnosis, a person's fight to beat the cancer begins. But what if the test result is a false positive? A cancer misdiagnosis in Oregon can result in a tragic outcome.

Man seeks $7 million after cancer misdiagnosis

The survival of cancer patients in Oregon and across the country is almost always dependant on a correct and timely diagnosis. The diagnosis is usually the initial part of treating cancer, so any error during this stage can snowball into big problems in the later stages of treatment. A man in another state has filed a lawsuit against a surgeon after an alleged cancer misdiagnosis left the man permanently injured.