Disfiguring injuries to kids in crashes can cost a lot

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Automobile Accidents |

Car crashes can cause all kinds of severe injuries. Even though younger children typically ride in special car seats or boosters to help keep them safe, kids get hurt frequently in collisions. Car crashes are a leading cause of fatality for most age groups of children and are also a major source of debilitating and disfiguring injuries.

Those hurt in car crashes, especially if they suffer injuries to their face, neck, forearms, hands or chest may require reconstructive plastic surgery to regain the physical appearance they had prior to the crash. For children, plastic surgery requirements can be much more critical than for adults. Additionally, the care they need could cost more than the same injury would cost for an adult.

Pediatric plastic surgery is a specialty area of medicine

Surgeons who specialize in cosmetic and restorative surgery put a lot of effort into perfecting their skills. Those who perform the same services for children need even more specialized knowledge. Given that children continue to grow, there are additional considerations that affect how successful a surgery is.

There is also the potential for a scar to be much more severe and limiting for children than for adults. A significant facial scar might not only cause self-esteem damaging disfiguration but could also limit speech and range of motion later in life without proper care. Pediatric plastic surgeons have the knowledge and skill necessary to help heal your child and limit both the visual and physical impact of a crash injury.

When children continue to grow, they may need additional treatments

Plastic surgery after a car crash can be intensive. The procedures could last for hours. Recovery can take weeks. Most adults will be thrilled to leave that process behind them.

For children with disfiguring injuries that require plastic surgery, a single procedure may not be sufficient. They may need continuing care until they finish growing in some cases. That could drastically increase the lifetime expenses your child and family incur because of the car crash.

Parents with injured children often need more compensation because childhood injuries may cost more to treat and may also impact a parent’s earning potential if they have to stay home to care for the child during the recovery. Those costs should inform your decisions about insurance settlements and other forms of compensation.