Removal of wrong prostate results in medical malpractice claim

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Doctor Errors |

Impotency is a devastating condition for many men in Oregon. The loss of one’s inability to have an active intimate relationship can lead to depression, feelings of inadequacy, loss of masculinity and a severe decline in quality of life. Unfortunately, impotency is a risk associated with prostate removal, but there are few options when faced with cancer. One man filed a medical malpractice claim after finding out that his prostate was removed unnecessarily, leaving him impotent and incontinent.

A retired factory worker was told he had prostate cancer. In April 2017 his prostate was removed, but the procedure caused nerve damage that left the man impotent and incontinent. His life would never again be the same. The man and his wife have shared how the damage robbed the man of his masculinity and how it has destroyed the sexually active lifestyle the couple once shared. The couple was devastated to discover that the surgery that changed their lives was completely unnecessary.

The surgery was unnecessary because the man never had cancer. His prostate was fine. His test results were mixed up with another patient’s who did in fact have prostate cancer. The surgery that robbed him of his manhood was completely useless.

The couple filed a medical malpractice claim against his pathologist and the clinic. Unlike many lawsuits, the defendants did not deny the validity of the claim. They acknowledged a terrible mistake had been made but disputed the $15 million price tag the victim had put on his loss. They argued that the man was still able to enjoy a rich, fulfilling life and that $750,000 was a more reasonable value for the damage he had suffered. The jury determined that the man’s ability to do many normal activities didn’t negate the suffering he endured due to his incontinence and impotence and awarded him $12.5 million.

Just because a physician or medical clinic admits wrongdoing and offers compensation for damages doesn’t mean a victim should or has to accept their terms. Often these offers are much less than what would be reasonable for the losses sustained. An experienced Oregon medical malpractice attorney can advise the victim of his or her rights and help the victim obtain maximum compensation for the pain and suffering and other documented monetary damages.