Family claims woman’s death was due to medical negligence

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2019 | Doctor Errors |

One family in a nearby state is reeling from the loss of a young family member. Following the woman’s death, the family has filed a lawsuit claiming medical negligence. Oregon families may be interested to learn that the lawsuit could result in payment of the patient’s funeral and medical expenses.

The young woman suffered from an autoimmune disease called lupus. According to the lawsuit, the woman was not initially admitted to the hospital for her lupus but for an abscess on her tailbone. Throughout her 18-day stay, her cyst improved, but she suffered other complications related to her lupus.

According to the lawsuit, some doctors and nurses recommended that the patient be transferred to a facility that specialized in the care of patients with lupus. In addition, the family claims to have requested the patient’s transfer throughout her stay. According to the lawsuit, the patient was not approved for transfer until the day before her death. In addition to claims that the hospital did not allow the family to provide needed comfort and care to the patient, the lawsuit has accused the hospital of “patient dumping.” Hospitals and physicians have allegedly practiced patient dumping by transferring a near-death patient to another facility to prevent the death on their record.

In addition to the stress of medical and funeral costs, the family reports that the death has been especially distressful for the woman’s son. The woman’s son was six at the time of his mother’s death. Families who feel they may have experienced similar medical negligence may wish to consult with an experienced Oregon medical malpractice attorney for options of a lawsuit.