Dentist who falsified credentials sued for medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2018 | Doctor Errors |

Anesthesia is one of the riskiest elements to any surgery because even when carefully administered there can be catastrophic side effects. Many patients have simply quit breathing when under general anesthesia. The expertise required for an anesthesiologist is so imperative that it is unthinkable that a doctor in Oregon or any other state would attempt administering anesthesia without proper training and experience. However, according to a recent medical malpractice lawsuit, that is exactly what happened.

In Oregon and other states, anyone administering anesthesia must be properly licensed to do so. There is a great deal of responsibility and risk involved, so extensive training is required to ensure patient safety. According to a recent medical malpractice lawsuit, a dentist in another state fraudulently obtained a permit using falsified documents to administer anesthesia. The dentists also forged signatures and even submitted fake degrees that he produced himself. The permit he obtained is the highest level offered, allowing him to utilize general anesthesia which would completely put his patients to sleep.

The patient who filed the lawsuit claims that he suffered physical and emotional injuries after being improperly sedated during a dental procedure. The man claims that during his procedure he began having breathing difficulties as a result of his sedation, so he had to be quickly awakened. Because of this his procedure was never completed.

Those involved in the lawsuit hope that it will not only stop the dentist from his negligent practices but also help bring attention to questionable practices by the state’s dental board. The dental board is accused of knowingly assisting fraudulent licensees. There is documentation to support claims that the board conspired with the dentist and helped him continue his fraudulent practices.

It is mortifying to think that a doctor would falsify his credentials and education when the consequences of his actions can be so devastating. When a patient has experienced negligence or fraud by a physician, it is imperative that he or she shares the experience. A medical malpractice lawsuit carefully constructed by a knowledgeable attorney not only can benefit the victim but can also shed light on questionable practices and potentially save others from suffering the same fate.