Unexplained infant injuries possibly the result of nursing errors

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2018 | Nursing Negligence |

Fewer events are happier in a young family’s life in Oregon than welcoming a new baby. The joy of giving birth to a healthy baby knows no bounds for most people. As joyous as the birth may be, finding out something has happened or may be wrong can fill a new parent with fear and dread. Five families are facing that fear after a possible case of nursing errors in a NICU in another state.

Five babies suffered unexplained injuries that included bruising and a skull fracture. While the case is under investigation, no charges have been filed. There may be more than one nurse involved, and that can increase the complexity of the case.

Part of the challenge of the case is that there are five potential victims. Establishing a case concerning the care of one child may be strong. The other cases may be weaker. How this issue is addressed could have a bearing on the final outcome.

A new parent facing the unknown concerning the health and welfare of an infant in Oregon may be frightened and confused and not know where to turn. A parent’s inclination is to trust health care providers, and when that trust is damaged, the situation can be fraught with confusion and uncertainty. At such a time, one might find comfort consulting a professional experienced in dealing with medical malpractice issues. An experienced personal injury attorney can review the facts of the situation and determine if nursing errors occurred. If so, the attorney can advise his or her client on the steps necessary to obtain compensation and represent the client’s rights and interests throughout all legal proceedings.