Nursing negligence contributes to mental health facility woes

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2018 | Nursing Negligence |

Having to commit a loved one to a mental health facility can be a very painful and emotional experience. A person  would hope that his or her loved one would receive the required care and be safe. In a prominent Oregon mental health facility, this may not always be the case. There have been many recent instances of nursing negligence that threatened patient safety.

One such instance involved a person whose symptoms included difficulty swallowing. A doctor had ordered occupational therapy to address the issue. The orders were not carried out and the patient eventually died. The report attributed the death to nursing neglect.

An investigation has found that there were no written protocols in place for dealing with emergencies nor protocols on who should respond to emergencies. Other incidents at the center included suicide attempts, self-harm and sexual assault. There was also an absence of medical carts stocked to deal with such emergencies.

A person in Oregon who loses a loved one, or sees a loved one suffering in an environment meant to help them, may experience sadness, anger, grief and other emotions. There may also be a desire to find answers. A confidential conversation with an attorney experienced in medical malpractice may provide some avenue for relief and possibly closure. A lawyer can review the circumstances of the case and determine if there is justifiable cause to bring a suit of nursing negligence. A successful claim may help with medical costs, final costs and other documented monetary losses.