Nursing negligence and ALS prove to be catastrophic

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Nursing Negligence |

When loved ones are entrusted to skilled nursing and healthcare facilities in Oregon, the patient’s family expect that their loved one will receive appropriate and mandated care. If care instructions are not followed, nursing negligence can result in a tragedy. This occurred in a recent case where a patient on a ventilator passed away. The probable cause was a ventilator failure.

The patient was suffering from ALS (amyo­trophic lateral sclerosis). The family had been told that the patient could not survive for more than ten minutes without the aid of a ventilator. A registered nurse charged with the gentleman’s care during an overnight shift failed to provide the prescribed care. The ventilator became unplugged, and the patient died.

Though the ventilator had a backup battery, it was low, and as the alarms were not heeded, the battery died. This caused the ventilator to stop working. The nurse provided falsified documentation that hid the fact that no care had been provided during the nurse’s seven-hour shift. The death is now under investigation for possible criminal negligence.

When a loved one contracts a catastrophic illness in Oregon, the family’s first priority will often be to do everything they can for the patient and to find the best possible care. When there is a possibility of nursing negligence in the care of a loved one, the family will likely want answers. A conversation with a personal injury attorney may be helpful in the pursuit of those answers. A knowledgeable lawyer can guide the family as to what legal options are available to them. If a civil suit is an option, such a suit can provide compensation for medical costs and final costs.