Medical negligence can cause injury even in minor procedures

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When it comes to surgery, even the most minor procedures should be handled with extreme care. Surgeons, doctors and all medical professionals must always remain focused as they literally hold the patients’ lives in their hands. Medical professionals in Oregon and across the country have a duty to treat each patient with care, and any deviation from this level of care can result in injuries to the patient. Very routine and common tasks such as placing an IV line can significantly injure patients, especially when medical negligence is thrown into the equation. A woman in another state allegedly experienced this same scenario and she subsequently filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit says that the woman was admitted to a hospital in another state for surgery. A hospital employee tried to place an IV line in the plaintiff’s right saphenous vein, according to the suit. Allegedly, the IV was wrongly inserted, which resulted in injuries to the plaintiff.

The woman claims that the inappropriately placed IV cut off the blood flow to her foot and also compressed the nerves. This caused her to suffer neuropraxia and other complications, allegedly. The plaintiff seeks compensatory damages and all other just relief for the physical impairment and pain she allegedly suffered due to this experience.

With the advanced technology available to patients in Oregon today, surgery has become safer than ever before. However, when humans are involved, mistakes will be made. Victims of medical negligence may be able to pursue legal action. A successful claim could result in compensation to help with medical expenses and other damages accrued as a result of injuries.

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