Failure to diagnose cancer leads to injuries and a lawsuit

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A timely diagnosis is one of the most important weapons in the fight against diseases such as cancer. A diagnosis is often the first step in treating cancer and any delay in the diagnosis process can result in permanent injury to the patient or even death. Even though patients in Oregon and across the country have access to some of the best medical technology the world has ever seen, this technology is useless if a diagnosis is never made in the first place. A failure to diagnose cancer can eliminate any chance for the patient to make a full recovery.

A lawsuit in another state details allegations of negligence after a pediatrician failed to diagnose a child’s malignant tumor. The lawsuit, filed by the parents of the child, says that the child was examined by the defendant at least 13 times over a period of about six months and was repeatedly informed that the child suffered from a persistent fever. The plaintiffs claim they also asked the pediatrician to look at a swelling on the left buttock of the child. The swelling was examined several times, including by abdominal palpations, the plaintiffs claim.

According to the lawsuit, the family became concerned with the fever and swelling and took the child to a local children’s hospital. There it was discovered that the swelling was a slow growing, malignant tumor, the lawsuit says. The plaintiffs claim the tumor growth had progressed so much that it became intertwined with major arteries and the child had to undergo aggressive chemotherapy. The lawsuit says that the defendant’s failure to diagnose the cancer resulted in the child suffering hearing loss and substantial pain, as well as an increased chance of complications in the future.

Despite years of training and experience, doctors in Oregon and across the country are not immune from making mistakes. If a failure to diagnose cancer has resulted in permanent injury or the death of a loved one, legal action may be pursued. A successful lawsuit can provide compensation to help families cope with the magnitude of such a situation.

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