$40 million awarded to family of girl who suffered birth injury

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2018 | Birth Injuries |

The most joyful occasion in the lives of Oregon couples is the birth of their children. Unfortunately, this wonderful experience can be a time of tragedy when a birth injury occurs. Errors made during delivery may cause the child and parents a lifetime of pain and suffering. A girl in another state was recently awarded millions of dollars from a lawsuit that was filed by her parents after the girl allegedly suffered a spinal cord injury during birth.

It was alleged that the girl, now 6, suffered spinal injuries during delivery that have left her permanently disabled. According to the suit, the girl had been in a footling breech position, which meant that she would have to be delivered feet first. This is a high-risk procedure and the plaintiffs alleged that the girl’s head and neck area were not properly protected during birth, causing a spinal cord injury.

The girl became paralyzed from the chest down and now cannot stand on her own, the lawsuit asserted. A few days after the girl was born, an MRI test was done, and it was apparently concluded that her injuries were due to trauma at birth. A jury sided with the plaintiffs and awarded the family $40 million.

Tragically, injuries suffered at birth will affect victims for the rest of their lives. Oregon parents that feel their child has suffered a birth injury may be able to pursue legal action. Financial relief awarded from a successful lawsuit could help parents and victims with medical expenses and other financial losses.

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