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Woman awarded $26 million in medical malpractice case

There is always a certain level of risk involved when patients undergo surgical procedures. Even though patient safety has vastly improved in recent years, countless patients are injured each year due to negligence and mistakes by doctors and surgeons. Health care professionals in Oregon and across the country are more educated and receive more training than ever before, but this does not exclude them from making mistakes. In another state, a woman suffered substantial injuries after a surgical procedure on her neck, and she was recently awarded a substantial judgment after filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The woman underwent neck fusion surgery, the lawsuit said, and experienced complications the following day. The day after the surgery, she was allegedly unable to swallow. The woman claimed she visited her surgeons informing them of her complications and, even though they allegedly found a large bubble on her windpipe, she was sent home. Only a few days later, the woman returned with swelling in her neck and trouble swallowing, the suit said.

She alleged that she waited in the emergency room for six hours before being seen, even though policy at this particular hospital requires a doctor to see the patient within two hours. The plaintiff is now disabled and requires around the clock care. She held the hospital responsible as their alleged delay in treatment caused her current disabilities. The plaintiff was awarded $26 million in the case.

Mistakes can occur in all walks of life, but when mistakes happen in health care, the patient suffers the consequences. Oregon residents who have been injured or lost a loved one due to negligent medical care can pursue legal action. A successful medical malpractice lawsuit could result in financial relief to offset medical bills and other financial losses.

Source:, "St. Francis to pay $26M in medical malpractice suit", Dec. 11, 2017

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