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Family awarded $1 million after man dies from medical negligence

The main duty of all health care providers is the care and safety of their patients. Surprisingly, patient safety may sometimes not be the priority for some doctors and nurses in Oregon and across the country. Health care workers are often understaffed and, in an effort to see more patients, may be rushed and not as thorough as needed. This can lead to mistakes and medical negligence. A recent lawsuit in another state ended with an award of $1 million to the family of a deceased man.

The lawsuit claimed that the man's death was the result of negligent care that he received while staying at a nursing facility. According to the lawsuit, the patient suffered multiple falls and broken bones, as well as pneumonia while staying at the facility. The patient came under the care of the facility after receiving a below-the-knee amputation, the lawsuit said.

During his stay at the nursing facility, the patient's health very quickly deteriorated, and he required unnecessary hospitalizations until eventually losing his life, according to the suit. The plaintiffs claimed that the man's death was the result of the negligent care he received at the nursing facility. A jury returned a verdict in favor of the family.

Unfortunately, patients suffer the consequences when medical providers make mistakes. Those in Oregon who believe they or their loved ones were harmed by medical negligence have the right to take legal action. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in a monetary award to help ease the pain and suffering of victims and families

Source:, "Jury awards $1M in medical malpractice", Howard Frank, Nov. 21, 2017

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