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Family awarded settlement of $15M due to birth injury

The birth of a child is a moment of great joy and excitement for parents in Oregon and around the world. This joyous experience can quickly turn tragic when negligence by a doctor or nurse leaves a newborn baby with a birth injury. Unfortunately, when mistakes happen in the delivery room, the child and family have to live with the consequences. A family in another state filed a lawsuit against a hospital after their daughter suffered brain damage during delivery.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit alleged that the hospital mishandled the delivery of their daughter and failed to act quick enough to safely deliver her. The lawsuit claimed that providers overdosed the mother with Picotin during labor. This allegedly caused her contractions to become too strong and occur too closely together, which stopped blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to the baby's brain.

The plaintiffs claimed that, despite warnings that the mother was in distress, health care providers failed to perform a timely cesarean section. Their daughter now suffers from cerebral palsy as a result of the brain damage and will require extensive medical care in the future. The family accepted a settlement of $15 million from the hospital.

Mistakes during delivery occur more frequently than most people realize and can have devastating impacts on families. An Oregon resident that feels his or her child suffered a birth injury due to negligence during delivery has the right to take legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in a monetary award that can help offset medical bills and other financial losses.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, "Sauk Village family reaches $15M settlement over alleged brain damage during delivery", Becky Yerak, July 26, 2017

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