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Lawsuit filed after alleged medical negligence results in injury

Although patient safety has become a top priority in hospitals and medical facilities in Oregon and across the country, thousands of health-care patients are injured every year due to negligence. When medical patients go for a procedure, they not only place their trust in the hands of doctors and nurses, but also their lives. Though the majority of doctors and nurses in the United States are certified, well-trained professionals, they still make mistakes. When mistakes occur in the medical field, the consequences can be life-threatening. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit after alleged medical negligence left her with permanent injuries.

According to the lawsuit, the woman suffered a heart attack and required follow-up surgery. Allegedly, due to negligent care, the plaintiff was allowed to fall off of the operating table while her body was opened up with surgical tools still inside of her. The plaintiff claims her head and front of her body struck the floor when she landed, which resulted in substantial injury.

Her injuries apparently included a concussion, a jaw injury and double vision, among others. The plaintiff also claims that the trauma of the fall gave her recurring nightmares. She seeks damages for the negligence of the medical staff.

When mistakes and negligence occur during a medical procedure, the patient tragically suffers the consequences. Doctors and medical professionals in Oregon can be held accountable for mistakes and medical negligence. A successfully litigated lawsuit could provide financial relief to an injured victim facing mounting medical expenses due to personal injury.

Source:, "Lawsuit: Woman fell off operating table during surgery", Paul Woolverton, May 16, 2017

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