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Family alleges medical malpractice after woman dies from overdose

Most doctors and nurses in the state of Oregon are skilled and certified professionals with years of training and experience. However, medical professionals are also human, and humans make mistakes. When mistakes happen during medical procedures, the patients have to live with the consequences. According to recent statistics, medical malpractice is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. A family in another state has filed a lawsuit against a medical center after a family member died, allegedly due to a lethal dose of pain medication.

It is claimed that the woman originally sought treatment at the medial center for severe lower back pain. According to the lawsuit, she was given Dilaudid to relieve the back pain but had a negative reaction to the medication. The family claims that the negative reaction to the medication was never noted in the patient's chart.

The pain continued so the woman was admitted to the hospital and given morphine throughout the night, the lawsuit says. Allegedly, the morphine did little for the pain so the hospital staff gave the woman Dilaudid again. It is claimed that the Dilaudid combined with the morphine caused the patient to stop breathing. Allegedly, the staff then gave the patient Narcan, which the plaintiffs assert is evidence that the hospital staff knew the patient had overdosed, since Narcan is only used to reverse the effects of a narcotics overdose. The family seeks an unspecified amount in damages for the death of their loved one.

Doctors and medical professionals can be held accountable for negligence. Victims and families in Oregon have the right to take legal action. A successful medical malpractice lawsuit could provide much-needed financial relief as well as a sense of justice.

Source:, "Family seeks damages in wrongful death overdose claim against Hillcrest hospital", Tommy Witherspoon, May 15, 2017

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