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2 medical malpractice lawsuits allege delivery errors

The birth of a child is one of the most remarkable and joyous experiences in the lives of Oregon parents. However, joy can quickly turn to anger and despair when negligence during delivery leaves a new baby permanently disabled. Unfortunately, delivery errors happen more than most people realize. Recently, two families filed separate lawsuits against a midwife in another state after one infant perished and another was badly injured.

The first lawsuit was filed by parents after claims that the death of their infant was caused by negligent care. The mother of the now deceased infant claims she experienced bleeding 39 weeks into her pregnancy. Allegedly, she was told that her bleeding was normal and that she did not need to be seen by a medical professional. The lawsuit claims the bleeding got worse and her baby had died by the time she was seen by a doctor. She claims her baby could have been saved had she been seen when she first sought treatment.

The second lawsuit was filed against the same midwife after parents' claims that negligence during the delivery of their son resulted in permanent injuries. According to the suit, their son's head and neck were excessively twisted and pulled in an attempt to deliver him. Allegedly, the excessive forced used at delivery caused permanent nerve damage and paralysis in one arm of the boy.

The birth of a child is a very crucial time that requires the utmost attention and care. Unfortunately, when mistakes are made during delivery, infants and families have to live with the consequences. Oregon families who feel they have been victims of delivery errors have the right to take legal action. A successful lawsuit could result in a financial reward that could be used to cover mounting medical expenses and other documented monetary damages.

Source:, "Two Malpractice Lawsuits Filed Against Lewis County Midwife", Natalie Johnson, May 9, 2017

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