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Medical malpractice suit results in $33 million award to mother

It's no secret that thousands of health care patients are injured every year across the United States. Even though doctors and nurses in the state of Oregon and across the country are subjected to years of academic and on-the-job training, mistakes and negligence continue to occur. Recently, a woman in another state was awarded over $33 million as a result of a lawsuit she filed after her baby suffered brain damage due to medical malpractice.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff was a patient at a local medical center and went into labor. During her labor, the plaintiff claims she requested a cesarean section, but her demands were ignored by her physician, even after it was noted that her baby's heart rate had slowed. Allegedly, her physician also left while she was in labor to tend to another delivery.

The plaintiff claims that the baby was not breathing and was lifeless at birth. The baby was able to be revived but suffered brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The now 3-year-old child was left with permanent injuries and a life expectancy of only an additional nine to 12 years. Medical experts in the case agreed that a C-section could have prevented her baby's brain damage.

Patients in Oregon and across the country are injured or die on a daily basis as a result of negligent medical care. Negligent physicians and medical workers can be held accountable for their actions. By seeking the services of a knowledgeable attorney, medical malpractice victims can increase their odds of being rewarded much-needed compensation as the result of a successfully litigated lawsuit.

Source:, "Miami Gardens family wins $33.8 million medical malpractice award against federal government", Andrea Torres, April 20, 2017

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