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Family nets settlement of $4.75 million after failure to diagnose

Oregon citizens are extremely fortunate to have access to state-of-the-art medical care. When it comes to serious diseases such as cancer, timing is everything. An early diagnosis is the main factor in determining a patient's chances of survival. Because of this, the failure to diagnose a disease such as cancer can delay much-needed treatment and have fatal consequences for the patient. The family of a woman in another state recently received a substantial settlement after the woman lost her life due to a belated cancer diagnosis.

The lawsuit, filed by the family of the victim, claims the woman sought treatment after she began suffering from indigestion and stomach pain. Initially, the woman was told that her tests were clear. However, over a year later, the woman was still experiencing stomach pain so she returned for treatment.

Upon returning, the plaintiffs claim that doctors re-read the woman's test results and it was determined that she had a form of stomach cancer. The woman began cancer treatment but later died as a result of her cancer. The plaintiffs claim that their family member could have survived had doctors not misread the test results during the woman's initial visit. The lawsuit was settled for $4.75 million.

Even the most competent and highly experienced physicians can miss things and make mistakes. When a failure to diagnose results in death or injury, victims and family members in the state of Oregon can take legal action. An experienced personal injury attorney could help guide victims and family members through this difficult and tumultuous time.

Source:, "$4.75M settlement reportedly reached in woman's cancer death after misdiagnosis", Jeff Goldman, March 28, 2017

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