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Family of deceased daughter alleges medical negligence

Despite staggering advancements in patient care and safety, mistakes still happen in the medical field at an alarming rate. The majority of doctors and nurses in the state of Oregon and across the country are well-qualified and well-trained professionals, but this does not make them immune to mistakes. Thousands of patients are injured or die as a result of medical negligence every year. Unfortunately, some of these mistakes can be fatal. A lawsuit recently filed by a family in another state underscores how incompetence in the medical field can have deadly consequences.

The family filed a lawsuit after their 13-year-old daughter died from an undetected brain tumor. According to the family's claims, pediatricians and medical providers did not take all the necessary steps in order to detect and treat their daughter's condition. It is alleged that the young lady experienced nausea, severe migraines, vision problems as well as a host of other issues that were signs of a brain tumor. Despite these symptoms, the family alleges that no brain scans or other imaging was performed.

The family asserts that, shortly before her death, their daughter was admitted to the emergency room. Allegedly, care providers failed to run brain scans until their daughter became unresponsive. By then it was too late, as her tumor had grown to the point that it caused fluid to build on her brain. The girl's condition quickly deteriorated, causing her death. The family is seeking damages from the medical facilities involved, as well as several doctors.

Had medical providers ordered brain scans, they may have caught the tumor in time to successfully treat the patient. This is just one example of how a seemingly minor missed step in treating a patient can have deadly consequences. Mistakes like this happen every day across the United States. Some mistakes can be reversed, others prove to be fatal. Anytime an Oregon resident suffers injuries or the loss of a loved one due to an apparent act of medical negligence, he or she has a right to pursue damages by filing a medical malpractice claim.

Source:, "Family of Molly Banzhoff sues Concord Hospital, alleging medical negligence", Ella Nilsen, Jan. 16, 2017

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