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Questionable procedure leads to claims of medical malpractice

Physicians in Oregon and all across America are trusted with the care of thousands of patients each day. Regardless of training or experience, doctors, nurses and medical staff are human, and it is a fact that humans make mistakes. Every single day patients around the country are injured or die as a result of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, when a doctor makes an error, it is usually the patient who suffers. Recently, a lawsuit in another state was filed over claims that doctor error caused permanent damage to a patient.

According to the lawsuit, a female patient who suffered from multiple sclerosis sought the services of the doctor and went for an experimental vein-opening procedure. Allegedly, the procedure caused the patient to suffer a stroke. The plaintiff claims that instead of taking her to a hospital that was only a mile away, she was taken through rush hour traffic to a hospital that was much farther away, so multiple hours passed before the patient received treatment for the stroke.

Unfortunately, the stroke caused permanent damage and left the patient unable to care for herself. It is also alleged that the physician marketed his services especially for patients suffering from MS. However, the plaintiff claims that the physician was never involved in the research of the experimental procedure and was not an expert on MS. The patient still suffers from MS as well as the damage left by the stroke.

Unfortunately, medical mistakes injure thousands of patients each year. Oregon residents who believe they or a loved one have been a victim of medical malpractice may have the right to pursue legal action. A successfully litigated claim could provide much-needed compensation and a sense of justice for victims and their families.

Source:, "Malpractice trial begins for Newport Beach doctor accused of controversial MS treatment that led to stroke", Courtney Perkes, Dec. 2, 2016

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