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Failure to diagnose has permanent ramifications

Timing is crucial when it comes to diagnosing diseases such as cancer. A correct and timely diagnosis is the first and most important step in the survival and recovery of the patient. Unfortunately, failure to diagnose diseases often results in permanent injury to the patient, and in some cases, loss of life. Despite years of training and experience, doctors in Oregon are not exempt from making such mistakes. Recently, a patient in another state filed a lawsuit after doctors allegedly failed to diagnose breast cancer.

According to allegations, the plaintiff's breast carcinoma went undiagnosed and untreated. The alleged negligence resulted in the patient experiencing permanent pain and disability. Other allegations made by the plaintiff state that doctors and medical staff deviated from the standard procedure of care and failed to order needed diagnostic studies.

The plaintiff claims that the experience caused much mental distress, as well as financial distress from medical related expenses. The lawsuit filed by the plaintiff seeks damages, judgment against the defendants, as well as the costs of the suit. If the lawsuit is successful, it could provide the plaintiff with much needed compensation to offset the cost of her medical bills.

Unfortunately, in the medical field, mistakes such as these are more common than most people realize. Doctors in the state of Oregon and all across the country have an obligation to treat patients with professionalism and care. However, failure to diagnose medical conditions such as cancer can be attributed to countless injuries and deaths each year. Doctors and medical professionals may be held accountable for their mistakes. A successfully litigated lawsuit can provide victims with rightful and much-needed compensation.

Source:, "Patient alleges doctors failed to diagnose breast cancer", Michael Abella, Dec. 4, 2016

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