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Death of patient blamed on nursing negligence

Nurses, like all professionals in the medical field, have an obligation to provide patients with the accepted standard of care. Nurses are responsible for the day-to-day care of most patients in hospitals and other medical facilities. When a nurse fails to properly do his or her job, the patient ultimately suffers. Unfortunately, nursing negligence happens every day in the state of Oregon and all across the country. Recently, a lawsuit was filed by the family of a patient from another state after the patient died due to alleged negligent care received during a stay at a nursing facility.

According to the lawsuit, the patient was admitted to the nursing center after a fall caused a fracture in her leg. It is alleged that, during her stay, the patient developed a wound on her leg where the nursing staff had placed an immobilizer. The wound worsened to the point that the patient eventually had to have her entire leg amputated. After the amputation, her condition further deteriorated until she passed away.

The plaintiffs claim that the medical staff was negligent by failing to prevent the avoidable wound, and then failing to properly treat it. Allegedly, the improper care resulted in the leg amputation and untimely death of the patient. The plaintiffs, who are surviving family members of the deceased patient, seek damages against the nursing center.

Today, nurses and all medical professionals in the state of Oregon are required to undergo extensive academic and on-the-job training. However, despite training and experience, nursing negligence still occurs at an alarming rate. Oregon residents who suffer the loss of a loved one as a result of negligent care could greatly benefit from the services of a medical malpractice attorney. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in much-needed financial relief, as well as justice for victims and their families.

Source:, "Family files wrongful death suit against Woodway nursing center", Tommy Witherspoon, Dec. 16, 2016

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