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Mother claims medical malpractice attributed to child's suffering

Parents in Oregon want the best available care for their children, especially when their children are sick. They trust that well-qualified professionals will be able to provide the medical care that their child needs. However, despite years of training and experience, doctors are human, and like all humans, they too make mistakes. Recently, an out-of-state mother took action over claims that misdiagnosis and medical malpractice resulted in prolonged and unnecessary suffering for her son.

According to allegations by the mother, doctors and medical providers in a local clinic misdiagnosed the symptoms of her young son. She took her son to the clinic after he began suffering from a fever and rashes. She claims that despite worsening symptoms and multiple return trips to the clinic, physicians and medical providers repeatedly denied her requests for further testing and dismissed her concerns. She eventually decided to take her son to the emergency department of a different medical facility where X-rays revealed that he had a penny lodged in his esophagus.

The boy was immediately taken to a children's hospital where the penny was successfully removed. Based on the corrosion of the penny, specialists estimated that the coin had been lodged in the boy's esophagus for three weeks or more. Also, specialists later confirmed that the penny was the underlying cause of the boy's symptoms. The boy is now doing fine and on the road to a full recovery thanks to the diligence of his mother. She is seeking reimbursement of all medical bills and loss of wages that resulted from the negligent care and misdiagnosis.

While the victim in this particular incident will make a full recovery, many patients across the country are not so lucky. Medical malpractice can be attributed to thousands of deaths and serious injuries each year. Oregon residents who believe they or a loved one have been a victim of negligent medical care have the right to pursue legal action. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in much-needed financial relief and justice for victims and their families.

Source:, "Mom claims doctors ignored symptoms when penny was stuck in infant's throat", Nov. 20, 2016

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