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Children's dental clinic accused of medical malpractice

Like all medical professionals, dentists are required to treat their patients with care. However, many Oregon residents are unaware that dentists, like physicians, can be held responsible for medical malpractice. Patients involved in dental procedures trust that their dentists are capable professionals, but what happens when these patients are victims of neglect? Recently, multiple lawsuits citing fraud and medical malpractice were filed against a children's dental clinic in another state.

It is alleged that the children's dental clinic performed unnecessary dental work and resorted to invasive procedures on many children without the consent of parents. The plaintiffs claim that the main concern of the dental clinic was money and not the well-being of the patients. According to shocking reports, the list of neglected patients number into the hundreds. Understandably, parents are outraged.

One particularly gruesome case against the clinic involves an autistic 6-year-old boy. It is alleged that the dental clinic gave the young boy two baby root canals without the use of anesthesia. Another pending case involves a 4-year-old boy who required surgery after receiving a baby root canal and getting teeth pulled at the clinic. The boy is still on a strong regimen of antibiotics due to the seemingly negligent procedures.

Incidents like these are not common, but Oregon residents would benefit by knowing that they have the right to take legal action if they have experienced medical malpractice in any form. Dentists and health care professionals will be held accountable for their actions. Successful lawsuits could provide just compensation to an injured victim facing personal injury and mounting medical expenses.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Lawsuit Accuses Children's Dental Group Of Fraud, Medical Malpractice", Nov. 7, 2016

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