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Negligence claims often arise out of emergency room mistakes

Emergency medicine is often unpredictable since practically any medical problem can present itself at any time. The medical staff that tend to patients who come into the emergency room are able to successfully deal with a multitude of different health problems and injuries, but there is also the potential for mistakes that could put a patient's life in jeopardy. Many negligence claims filed here in Oregon and elsewhere arise out of errors made by emergency room staff.

When you enter an emergency room, you are often at your most vulnerable. You are counting on medical personnel to properly diagnose and treat whatever illness or ailment you have. When that does not happen, you could suffer serious health ramifications -- including death. 

Any number of things can go wrong. If a doctor fails to make the correct diagnosis, any treatment could actually make a condition worse. On the other hand, even if the right diagnosis is made, the treatment can be wrong. It is vital that as complete and accurate a medical history is taken and that the appropriate tests are ordered; however, if a doctor fails to listen to your concerns, critical information can be missed.

If you did not receive care that meets current medical standards, you could have suffered serious and/or permanent injury. Other families have lost loved ones through errors made during emergency treatment. State law allows for the filing of negligence claims by those who believe they -- or their loved ones -- were harmed by substandard medical care in an Oregon hospital. Emergency room doctors, nurses and other hospital staff literally hold people's lives in their hands, and they may be held accountable when they make mistakes.

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