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Is medical negligence to blame for woman's amputations?

Oregon residents might be aware of the fact that there are now virulent bacteria that require aggressive treatment as quickly as possible in order to avoid adverse health consequences. People across the country have suffered serious, permanent disabilities or even died from these bacteria. Some individuals might have been spared had it not been for medical negligence.

A recently filed lawsuit claims that medical negligence is to blame for the fact that an out-of-state woman had to have several limbs amputated. On May 24, 2015, the woman went to an Urgent Care Center in her area. Court documents reveal that both a nurse and a doctor saw her, and both of them failed to recognize the seriousness of her symptoms.

It turned out that she was suffering from a serious infection caused by a flesh-eating bacteria. It was not until approximately 24 hours after that first visit that the correct diagnosis was made. The woman claims that the delay resulted in her being forced to undergo amputations below the knees on both of her legs, above the elbow of her right arm and parts of the fingers on her left hand, along with muscle and tissue from her left side and back. The Georgia woman's current medical bills are already in over $1.6 million, and she will need an estimated $8 million in future medical care. In addition, she is no longer able to work as she did prior to this, which is why she is requesting approximately $2 million in future lost wages, among other damages.

As would be the case in a similar action here in Oregon, it will be up to the court to determine whether medical negligence is to blame for what happened. If the evidence presented establishing that the standard of care she received was subpar, the court could then consider awarding the damages she requested. Even though a monetary judgment will not restore to limbs, it could provide her with the funds needed to move forward with her life and her medical care.

Source:, "Woman with flesh-eating bacteria suing Northeast Georgia Health System", Aug. 11, 2016

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