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Obstetrical malpractice automatically affects 2 lives, not just 1

When an Oregon woman is pregnant, she and her unborn child are both entitled to medical care that meets or exceeds current standards. Obstetricians have not just one, but two lives in their hands. When obstetrical malpractice occurs, it could result in the permanent injury or death of the child, the mother or both.

Many expectant mothers are most concerned about the birthing process. However, the care that the mother receives during the pregnancy has just as much of an impact on the health of the unborn child as does the delivery of that child. During pregnancy, a woman is at risk for health conditions for which she would otherwise not be at risk, such as gestational diabetes. If this and other conditions are not diagnosed and treated, the fetus could suffer adverse health consequences before even being born. Mothers can also contract infections that put her fetus at risk either in utero or during delivery if she is not properly treated.

The delivery process can take several hours, and both mother and child need to be monitored to ensure that neither is in some sort of distress. For example, if the baby's heart rate drops to a dangerous level and is not treated immediately, brain damage or even death could occur. During the delivery, if the baby is not in the proper position, is removed with too much force or not born via C-section, if necessary, numerous permanent injuries or death can occur as well.

If your baby was born with a permanent injury or died during birth, and you believe that obstetrical malpractice is to blame, you should contact an Oregon attorney immediately. The same should be done when a mother suffers an injury or dies while under a physician's care. An investigation into what occurred should be done as soon as possible before details are forgotten or lost. You, your child and your family deserve answers and the chance to receive restitution for both your current and future financial losses. Furthermore, by coming forward, another mother and child could be spared the same suffering.

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