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Medical malpractice includes nursing negligence

While hospitalized, Oregon patients rely on the hospital staff to see to their day-to-day needs. The nursing staff meets many of these needs, though they can make mistakes periodically. Unfortunately, nursing negligence can result in serious or fatal injuries that constitute medical malpractice.

Most nurses perform their duties to the best of their abilities and genuinely care about their patients. Even so, their jobs are stressful and fast paced, which means that the potential for errors is always there. Every medical facility has policies and procedures in place for any number of eventualities, and if those protocols are not followed, mistakes can happen.

Nurses are primarily responsible for monitoring patients' conditions, dispensing medication and carrying out other orders provided by a doctor. If a nurse fails to properly read a doctor's orders, the patient could be given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of medication. A patient who is at risk of falling could suffer significant injuries if not properly monitored.

Nurses are often responsible for numerous patients, and failing to respond to the calls of a patient in a timely manner, or at all, could be dangerous as well. The risks can sometimes be increased in an emergency room setting, which is an atmosphere that tends to lend itself to being chaotic. Even if it turns out that a nurse made a mistake, he or she might not be the only one who is responsible for any injuries suffered by the patient.

When nursing negligence is suspected, an Oregon medical malpractice attorney may focus on more than the actions of a nurse or group of nurses. Hospital policies could be inadequate, doctors could have contributed to the error or other hospital staff might have been involved as well. A thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the incident will need to be accomplished in order to determine all of the parties who might bear some liability for the injury or death. If the facts warrant it, a medical malpractice claim could be be appropriate.

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